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Sexipedia: An Interview with its Founder – Chris Anderson

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SEXIPEDIA  is the world’s largest encyclopedia of sex.  It’s an exciting project, and Jolie was fortunate enough to get an interview with its founder Chris Anderson. 

(One of the most exciting facts Jolie learned about Chris is that he is an autodidact, or a self-taught person, who only reaches for success.  Jolie can relate to that.)


1. Sexipedia is “The Encyclopedia of Sex.”  What inspired you to create the encyclopedia?

What inspired me has been three things: sharing one’s knowledge, sex (in the broader meaning of the term), and mass collaboration.

I am an autodidact, a knowledge lover who enjoys listening, reading, watching and finally learning from anyone’s knowledge and experiences they had through life. That is purely fascinating to me.

Several months ago, I was thinking: Where would I get all the detailed information and trusted knowledge I need to know about sex? I tracked down and studied websites and realized that none of the websites were  actually satisfying enough nor offered what I wanted. I wondered why there was not a website that could share anyone’s knowledge about sex.  I quickly came up with my favorite answer: If it doesn’t exist, I’ll create it.

I have in me this entrepreneurial and hard worker spirit that challenges me to create and build new things every day, all day long. I looked for the best tool to share one’s knowledge about a specific topic with the world, and realized that the more appropriate solution was to use a wiki; the one that runs Wikipedia.

And here we are today with Sexipedia, the encyclopedia of sex that anyone can edit.

2. What is your background and why do you have an interest in sexuality?

Although I studied and worked for a few years in the entertainment industry in France, I would say that my strengths and background are in the online technology industry. I am a Managing Editor for an important multi-national group, and we report daily on high-tech and Internet usage.  This kind of environment is an overflowing pool of ideas for me.

My interest in sexuality is biological. It’s in me. I can’t quite define it today. It’s simply a strong attraction and a natural interest.

3. What can people expect with Sexipedia?  When will the website be operational? Will Sexipedia be in print form also, or online only?

People should expect an encyclopedia of sex, and take into consideration that the high quality content that is offered is done so in an open environment where anyone can read, edit and post articles. Also, Sexipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia powered by volunteers and dedicated individuals. So people should also expect from Sexipedia what they are willing to invest in it.

Sexipedia is at a very early stage of creation. Every day after work (sometimes during work), myself and others dedicate as many hours as we can to improve Sexipedia. Today, Sexipedia is in private beta and members are able to read, edit, and post as many articles as they wish. The public version requires the website to reach a certain maturity in order to welcome everyone.

I haven’t developed an idea of a print form for Sexipedia yet.

4. What are your other interests and what are your plans for the future?

My interests right now are all focused on Sexipedia. I devote 100% of my free time working and improving the site. Let’s see what the future brings us. I tend to only reach for success.

Sex and Anti-Aging

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By David Cowley

The most used marketing strategy has always been Sex Sells. We all have heard this slogan and we all believe that it is true, but have you ever stopped and thought about it? Why does sex sell? If you have a better job, new car, fresher breath, whiter teeth, shiner hair, or fancy cloths, will your chances of having sex be improved? Perhaps; but why will this type of advertising also work on people that already have a sexual partner?

It is because sex is one of the most powerful motivator of human action known to science. For anyone that has studied Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs know that sex is in the number one slot along with breathing and eating.

It is also the most beneficial of the Anti-Aging regiments you can perform. That is a rather bold statement but you can prove it to yourself with just some simple observations on your own health and well-being.

When I was in my 30s I used to make this statement to express my general health. I need to recharge my batteries. This was actually a Euphemism for I need to get some. This is a G rated article so stick with me. I knew that the day after having gotten some, I would have more energy, look better, feel better and generally have a positive outlook on life. We all have seen someone we know that suddenly from one day to the next had a complete change in personality or outlook on life and you just knew that he got lucky last night.

As I look objectively back on my life I can see the differences in the quality of my life had a direct correlation to whether or not I was in a relationship at the time. Between relationships I was always fighting a weight problem. I was under a great deal of stress, which I blamed on work of course. Everyday my energy level seem to get a little lower and I was easier to anger and I just did not feel that I was operating at 100 percent.

Sex will have a positive effect on every organ in your body including your brain and for the people with sexual partners it can be the cheapest and most beneficial anti aging regiment you can get into. There are a lot of chemicals and hormones involved in the lovemaking act and I am not going into the details here. There are plenty of article written that subject and what I am trying to accomplish here is to get you to notice how it affect you. Its like if you take a 500 mg tablet of Vitamin B at night before you go to bed, if you are paying attention to your body, you will notice an increase in your energy level the next morning.

The same thing holds true for sex. Do you notice a slight improvement in your energy level, stress level, outlook on life the next day? Of course you do. The trick is to take good honest look at how it affects your body and how long it lasts. If you are having sex only once a month and the effects only last a couple of days then you will obviously not get all of the possible benefits from it.

Most couples do not perform at option levels after they have been together for a period of time. There is a whole host of reasons why this happens and in most cases it is not important. What is important is it will require a sustained effort to increase the occurrences of the lovemaking act until option levels are reached. Now you can’t just go and jump on your partner anytime you like. You will have to discuss it with them and determine the level you would both like to reach and at what rate you would like proceed.

If you are a reasonably health individual a low energy level can kill your sex drive faster than almost anything else. Taking vitamins and supplements to improve the blood supply or the ability of the blood cells to carry oxygen will help to improve the energy levels.

Vitamin B boost energy levels and help fight fatigue. All of the different Vitamin Bs taken together as B-Complex work together as a team to perform vital biological processes, such as energy production and efficient metabolic function.

Vitamin E supplies Oxygen to the heart and the other muscles in the body. Accelerates wound healing and aids in the functioning of the immune system.

Flavonoids are the brightly colored pigments found in most fruits and vegetables. When consumed, they have antioxidant properties and have been associated with improved lung junction.

Hawthorn has an high concentration of anti-oxidants and can help remove toxins in the brain and can strengthens the blood vessels which helps get oxygen and nutrients transported to the brain.

Iron is an essential component of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying substance in red blood cells. Iron is vital for the production of blood. It enhances the immune system. Iron also aids in growth and repair of both bone and tissue by helping the body produce collagen.

L-Carnitine is essential for the body’s ability to turn food into energy. L-Carnation increases energy at the cell level by increased fat burning, increases the body’s ability to remove toxic disease-causing compounds and helps cells live longer.

If you just feel that you need vitamins, supplements or herbs to fight the aging process then find a good health care professional prior to starting any type of home treatment.

Always consult your doctor before using this information.


This Article is nutritional in nature and is not to be construed as medical advice.


About the Author:
David Cowley has created numerous articles on Anti Aging. He has also created a Web Site dedicated to Anti Aging and how to treat it. Visit .

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The Romantic Strip Tease

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The Romantic StripTease!


Have you ever fantasized about being a stripper? Have you ever thought it would be cool to do a striptease for your lover? Well, guess what? You’re not alone!

Truth be told, many women have this same fantasy. Many more have even “busted a move” for their lover. Sound like fun? It sure is! Plus, the Romantic Striptease is an awesome way to show your lover just how sexy you’re feeling. And take it from me, he will agree with you 100%.

Of course anytime you remove your own clothes in front of your lover there’s sure to be “fireworks”. But lets do something special. Let’s treat your lover. Let’s plan an actual Romantic Striptease.

So, what’s needed to make the Romantic Striptease a success? Let’s have a look.

First and foremost, as mentioned in my book “the Romantic Tips Guide” you do not have to be a professional dancer to do this. It’s all about having fun and spending some quality time with each other!

Next, is music selection. Keep in mind you and your partners taste. The music you choose needs to be a bit on the slow side. Not too slow and draggy, but slow enough so you will be able to take your time removing your clothes one piece at a time and really Tease.

Speaking of clothing, you’ll have to plan what to wear. And, you won’t need to go shopping either. Well…not unless you want to. 😉 It is best to start off fully dressed. After all it is called a “Strip TEASE”. Removing layers is much more fun, and exciting. A sexy dress, or blouse and skirt, choose an outfit that always turns your partner on. You know, the one where he just can’t keep his hands off you. Then for underneath that, choose a couple more things. A pretty camisole, over a sexy bra. On the bottom put a pair of sexy skimpy panties over a pair of thongs. Eventually you’ll be removing it all, one piece at a time. Remember, anything that drive’s your sweetie wild, and whatever makes you feel sexy and desirable is in order here. You can pretty much choose whatever’s in your closet for the outer layer. A good, “naughty” choice is always the schoolgirl look, or you could go for the button-down business look. A tie would later make a great prop. Just think about looping it behind his head to pull him into your breasts.

Then accessorize. This includes anything like glasses, hats, ties, as well as the all-important thigh highs, (or garter belt and stockings) and stiletto heels. Just make sure you can actually move around and dance in those stilettos. If you don’t have any in your closet, borrow a pair from a friend. Also long necklaces look amazing when you’re down to the bare essentials, plus long gloves and feather boas are great accessories too.

Place a chair some where in your bedroom where you will have easy access to move all around it. Of course it’s for your sweetie to sit on and watch as you dazzle him with your StripTease. Also, chill some of your lover’s favorite beverage. Wine or champagne would be great. You could have some fresh fruit like strawberries or grapes to feed your lover as you dance up a storm. Just remember to take it slow and easy.

When the time comes to do your Romantic StripTease remove one piece of clothing at a time, making sure to linger on each piece. Give it a try, I promise you and your lover will have great fun. Oh yeah and great sex as well!

Best Of Luck!

Marie Clare

About the Author:

Marie Clare specializes in writing about Dating Relationships and Romance. Check out her lastest Best Selling eBook “the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook” plus reviews of the Best Online Dating Sites FREE Articles Tips and Advice at

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Talking Dirty

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Talking Dirty by Julia Tanner

Everyone knows what a sexy voice is, but do you know how to find yours?

Talking deeply isn’t enough, nor do you need to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day either. This part is all about your attitude and your ability to relax in the moment.

Start with your breathing. Think about how you are breathing at the moment. Is it quick or is it slow? Your voice should move with this rhythm. With quick breaths, you want to break up your sentences, and with longer breaths, you can give more details.

Talk like you were trying to whisper, but ran out of breath. Your voice may drop a notch by doing this.

Or you can just relax and talk a little more quietly to get the same effect.

What Am I Going To Say?

If you’ve never talked dirty, then this is going to be an eye-opening experience. And you’re going to feel a bit strange at first, but that’s normal.

Think about the things that you love about the other person. Is it a particular body part? That’s great, you can use that.

You can start with something like, “I love your (whatever body part you choose)” at first. This gets you warmed up and everyone likes a compliment. This will also show the other person that you’re going to talk a bit.

You aren’t answering a question, so try no to use the word ‘because.’ You don’t have to give a reason, you just love something.

But you can say what that particular body part is doing to your body. Slow it down and lengthen the talk out. Start with “I love your (whatever body part).” Take a pause and then finish with, “It makes my (choose your favourite sexual organ) hot/wet/choose your reaction.”

Tell them how they make you feel in explicit detail and watch their reaction.

You’re well on your way to being a pro at dirty talk.

As a side note, some folks like to use words that may be derogatory, but I would make sure that the other person doesn’t mind before you try them.

Some will be very offended and that isn’t a good way to start a lovely evening.

Getting Comfortable

Why many people don’t use dirty talk is because they think they sound silly and that’s just not the case.

As with anything new, you just need to jump in and try it. Everyone has a first time for everything, and since you’re in a safe environment, no one is going to laugh at you.

Saying anything that is related to sex in the heat of an already arousing moment will sound magical. You just need to spit it out a few times to get comfortable with saying it.

After a while, dirty talk will come naturally and your partner of the moment will love it.