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An Interview with Richard Wagner, Ph.D.

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Swing! caught up with Richard Wagner, Ph.D. , owner of Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice and Daddy Oohhh! Productions.


You’ve been working in the sex field for over 25 years, primarily as a therapist. What are the biggest changes (if any) you’ve seen in this field over that time?

I have a two-word answer — The Internet. It’s changed just about everything to do with sex. Not always in a good way, but things will never ever be the same as they once were, before the internet.

People interact socially with one another in a fundamentally different way in the internet age. This is not necessarily an improvement over the way things use to be, but the potential for better is certainly there. Of course, the opposite is also true. The potential for more deception and prevarication also exists.

People are also losing face-to-face social skills. Text messaging and social networking (hook-up sites) seem to short-circuit the art of conversation. Which, to my mind, is one means of foreplay.

Information about sexuality is way more readily available to a vast number of people on the planet nowadays. Alas, not that everyone is taking advantage of the bonanza. But of course, with this explosion of information comes the inevitable proliferation of myths and misconceptions about sex.

The tag line for your column, Dr. Dick Sex Advice, is “Sex advice with an edge”. What gives your column its’ edge and how is it different from other sex advice columns?

I focus on human sexuality particularly as it intersects with art, religion, the popular culture, relationships, our health and wellbeing, entertainment, shopping and politics. Few if any of my professional peers take as wide an aim.

• As one would guess I respond to questions submitted to me online.
• I offer my advice in written form as well as in podcasts.
• My site is peppered with provocative imagery. I do not shy away from sexually explicit photos. This is a big no-no for other professional advice sites.
• I chat with interesting and controversial guests — authors, artists, sex workers, pundits and porn stars.
• I investigate the sexual underground and bring my audience fascinating people on the cutting edge of the sex-positive world.
• The Dr Dick Review Crew and I review adult products and talk with those who work in the adult novelty industry.
• I offer tips to my audience on staying healthy, enriching their sex life and growing their relationships.

And I do it all with a sense of humor.

Although people seem to be more open to talking about sex than in the past, are there any taboos? And what are a few of the most common questions you’re asked as a sex therapist and columnist?

Yeah, there are still plenty of taboos.

Some of my correspondents just want to see if they can get their question answered. I often hear from people who try to shock me. I pretty much can tell when someone is trying to pull my leg. Ya gotta give ’em credit for originality, but they’re not always so clever when it comes to presenting a plausible situation.

The most common questions I receive are about sexual performance issues, both from women and men. People may be more sexually active then ever before, but they often exhibit a tragic lack of even the most basic information about how their bodies work. This unfamiliarity with their own body only complicates their encounters with a partner.

Men are obsessed with the size of their dick and women are still faking it a lot. And that pretty much sums it up the state of thing for many in my audience.

What are the most important factors in creating a good, healthy sex life?

Affirm the fundamental goodness of sexuality, both as a personal need and as an interpersonal bond.

Sexual wellbeing is more than simply being able to perform. It is also taking responsibility for one’s eroticism as an integral part of one’s personality and involvement with others.

A basic working knowledge of one’s body and how it functions is essential; familiarity with one’s sexual response cycle — what’s pleasurable and what’s not; good communication skills; and a really big fat dildo.

Ok, so I made the last one up.

You also produce a line of gay porn, right? How in the world did you get involved in that?

I came to that in a most unorthodox fashion. It is certainly not something I ever aspired to do.

I was a Catholic priest for 20 years. (I am the only Catholic priest in the world with a doctorate in Clinical Sexology.) I completed my post-graduate work with the publication of my doctoral thesis concerning the sexual attitudes and behaviors of gay Catholic priests in the active ministry in 1981. This was unprecedented research back then (and even now, for that matter). There was a firestorm of international publicity. I was soon to be known as “The Gay Priest”. Like if I was the only one. Needless to say, this notoriety (some say infamy) effectively ended my priesthood. I fought the Vatican for the next 15 years, from 1981-1996, in an attempt to salvage my ministry, but in the end it was a lost cause. No surprise there, I suppose.

My career as a therapist in San Francisco coincided with the advent of HIV/AIDS (1981). My practice evolved into working primarily with sick and dying people. In the mid-90’s I founded a nonprofit organization, PARADIGM, Enhancing Life Near Death. It was an outreach for terminally ill, chronically ill, elder and dying people. This was brilliant cutting-edge work. Alas, I couldn’t find the funding to continue. This precipitated a rather sudden move to Seattle in 1999.

I continued to work with sick and dying people here, in Seattle. I started to develop programming for women newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer and men with prostate cancer. I wanted to create videos for people experiencing life threatening and/or disfiguring illnesses to help them deal with reintegrating sex and intimacy into their lives post diagnosis. I soon realized that I would need to fund this project on my own. No mainline foundation would touch the issue of sex. Faced with how I might do that, friends prevailed on me to start by making porn. I would make loads of money and I could then fund my heart’s desire. Thus Daddy Oohhh! Productions was born.

Unfortunately, the “load of money” part has yet to materialize. But at the time, I figured that, since I was actually shooting porn, I would create projects that were different in style and tone from what currently rules the marketplace. The Daddy Oohhh line features a whole lot more romance, allure and seduction rather than just bumping parts.

Swing interviewer – Veronica Arch

The Orgins of Adult Magazines

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Author: Shaun Parker

Adult magazines and gay magazines have been on sale for many years but only since the 1990’s have they seen the content as explicit as it is today. However, this is not a new phenomenon.

Erotic depictions have been around in one form or another since the beginning of time. On almost every archealogical find of note, ceramics, wall decoration and phallic symbols and statues have been discovered. The Victorians were horrified to discover the openness of sexual depictions on Roman artefacts that they hoped would be treasures. So much so in fact, that they locked them away with the intention that they should never go on show and offend the sensibilities of gentle folk.

It was only during Victorian times that looking at adult material for sexual gratification was made unlawful. This may have been in line with the invention of the halftone printing technique which made the material available by mass production to a much wider audience.

But the things that horrified the Victorians, such as the ancient ceramics they were finding, were not originally meant to serve any other purpose than to glorify life and its origins. The Moche of Peru believed that everything in the after life was the exact opposite of what happened in life. Therefore, they made funeral vessels depicting sexual acts that would not lead to reproduction with the belief that this would have the opposite effect in the after life and lead to reproduction.

In Roman times, fertility gods and and goddesses were revered and overly large phallic symbols were used for the purpose of good luck. Indeed, the continuation of life was the main purpose for most of our early ancestors.

Ancient Greeks were among the first to depict same-sex relations on their ceramics. This was not meant to be sexually erotic but was a part of their everyday life and nobody thought it out of place.

Our modern day definition of pornography as depicted in adult magazines and gay magazines today was coined as recently as 1864 in Websters dictionary. With the widespread audience reached by modern printing methods, erotica became ever more popular and seriously took of with the introduction of glossy adult magazines, such as Playboy, in the 1950’s.

The first gay magazine was published in 1951 and survived for 50 years. Now there is a multitude of choices for the gay magazine reader and it has come a long way from the base eroticism of the past. Todays adult magazines offer news, fashion, health and fitness regimes, recruitment services and even property and interiors sections. A popular reason for buying these magazines is the classified section where meeting other like minded people is easy.

Reports on events, venues, music and celebrity interviews are all features that continue to interest the gay community. Many of the gay publications on sale today also have in depth articles on issues that afffect mainly the gay, lesbian and bi sexual community such as the prevention of AIDS and gay rights within the wider community as well as work oriented.

Modern adult magazines have come bang up to date with their reflection of the diverse interest of the gay community.

About the Author:

Equal rights expert Shaun Parker looks into the history of erotica up to adult magazines and gay magazines of today. To find out more please visit

Article Source:

Sexy Christmas Greeting Cards

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Naked Santa and His Gang

Naked Santa and His Gang

Online greeting cards are all the rage.  There are plenty of links for sexy Christmas greeting cards.  Try HERE.

Sexipedia: An Interview with its Founder – Chris Anderson

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SEXIPEDIA  is the world’s largest encyclopedia of sex.  It’s an exciting project, and Jolie was fortunate enough to get an interview with its founder Chris Anderson. 

(One of the most exciting facts Jolie learned about Chris is that he is an autodidact, or a self-taught person, who only reaches for success.  Jolie can relate to that.)


1. Sexipedia is “The Encyclopedia of Sex.”  What inspired you to create the encyclopedia?

What inspired me has been three things: sharing one’s knowledge, sex (in the broader meaning of the term), and mass collaboration.

I am an autodidact, a knowledge lover who enjoys listening, reading, watching and finally learning from anyone’s knowledge and experiences they had through life. That is purely fascinating to me.

Several months ago, I was thinking: Where would I get all the detailed information and trusted knowledge I need to know about sex? I tracked down and studied websites and realized that none of the websites were  actually satisfying enough nor offered what I wanted. I wondered why there was not a website that could share anyone’s knowledge about sex.  I quickly came up with my favorite answer: If it doesn’t exist, I’ll create it.

I have in me this entrepreneurial and hard worker spirit that challenges me to create and build new things every day, all day long. I looked for the best tool to share one’s knowledge about a specific topic with the world, and realized that the more appropriate solution was to use a wiki; the one that runs Wikipedia.

And here we are today with Sexipedia, the encyclopedia of sex that anyone can edit.

2. What is your background and why do you have an interest in sexuality?

Although I studied and worked for a few years in the entertainment industry in France, I would say that my strengths and background are in the online technology industry. I am a Managing Editor for an important multi-national group, and we report daily on high-tech and Internet usage.  This kind of environment is an overflowing pool of ideas for me.

My interest in sexuality is biological. It’s in me. I can’t quite define it today. It’s simply a strong attraction and a natural interest.

3. What can people expect with Sexipedia?  When will the website be operational? Will Sexipedia be in print form also, or online only?

People should expect an encyclopedia of sex, and take into consideration that the high quality content that is offered is done so in an open environment where anyone can read, edit and post articles. Also, Sexipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia powered by volunteers and dedicated individuals. So people should also expect from Sexipedia what they are willing to invest in it.

Sexipedia is at a very early stage of creation. Every day after work (sometimes during work), myself and others dedicate as many hours as we can to improve Sexipedia. Today, Sexipedia is in private beta and members are able to read, edit, and post as many articles as they wish. The public version requires the website to reach a certain maturity in order to welcome everyone.

I haven’t developed an idea of a print form for Sexipedia yet.

4. What are your other interests and what are your plans for the future?

My interests right now are all focused on Sexipedia. I devote 100% of my free time working and improving the site. Let’s see what the future brings us. I tend to only reach for success.

Swinger Pictures – You Can Tell a Lot About Someone

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Author: Irene Thebeauty

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to swingers picture you should do exactly that – judge the swinger by their adult pics. Swingers pics say a lot more about a person than you think.


Swingers pictures can also be an art form just like erotic fiction or art movies featuring loads of sex. In your adult pics you are actually capturing your sexuality in that moment and transforming it into a film or in most swingers pictures cases – a computer screen.

So what if a computer screen is your canvas. That doesn’t mean that you should put in any less effort when it comes to your swingers pictures. Most members of an adult site don’t give a rats tail about selecting the perfect adult pics for their profile. They just get it over and done with and take a naked photo of themselves in the mirror.

With the technology that we have available to us today, there is no excuse that your swingers pictures are out of focus or even worse horribly cropped. Software programs like Photoshop are miracle workers when it comes to making your adult pics look professional and appealing.

First impressions really last and it will only take another swinger a few seconds to form an opinion about you – not by reading your sexual preferences and likes on your profile page but actually by looking at your swingers pictures.

Researches found that face-less profiles weren’t nearly as popular as profiles that had an adult picture on it and that the adults with the best swingers pictures also got the most hits. Honesty is always the best policy, so don’t lie with your swingers picture and upload a photo of a model you found on a image gallery. In the end you will get caught out. Rather just focus on your best assets like your round breasts or sensual lips or sparkling eyes.

Other tricks that you can do to make your swingers pics more appealing is to work with the lighting. A soft lighting will hide most of your flaws and make you look more mysterious and sexy. A romantic background like a silky bed or palm trees behind a swimming pool will also add to your adult pics appeal.

Now that you’ve read our tips, we hope that you will spend more than 10 minutes to take your swingers pics.

If you want to browse free swingers pictures then visit

About the Author:
Irene, webmaster of UK swingers site. Irene engaged in swinging in 2001, in 2003 became adult sites webmaster and copywriter. She is a constant participants of swinging parties in the UK and Europe. Her main area of interested is human sexuality, dogging, cuckold sex, wife swapping, adult chat, public sex.Article Source:

Escort Raves Forum (Adults Only): A Review

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What is an escort?  You’ll hear lots of different definitions – some designed to be negative.  Those who view escorts in a more positive light, however, know that education about the life of an escort is the best way to truly understand what an escort is.

One of the best ways to learn about escorts is to visit Escort Raves Forum.  You’ll find various categories of information.  They include – GENERAL DISCUSSION, DAY BY DAY, ESCORTS ADS, ESCORTS SERVICES, and a private HOBBYISTS CHAT FORUM.

Do you want to know what an escort is?  Vist the DAY BY DAY section and then read Night Whisperer’s post titled “Becoming an Escort.”  Here’s a preview:

” What the heck is an escort…well that would depend on legalities and location, getting right down to the dirt, in places where it’s legal, or where women actively work as prostitutes where it isn’t legal, escorts have sex for money. That’s the nuts and bolts. Some escorts actually don’t have sex, or provide sexual favors for their money, they are simply escorts, and are in fact very popular for men just looking for company, say a companion on vacation, a good luck charm at a casino, and so forth.”

The DAY BY DAY section includes a large list of topics.  I found posts on “Escorts and Disabilities,” “Sex Toys,” “Couple Call?,” and more.

Looking for some great escort service’s ads?  Visit the ESCORT ADS section.  All ads are of services that are legal in the area of where they are available.  You’ll find a wide variety of ads including Travel Escorts that accompany you on trips, London Escorts, Mumbai Escorts.  Or, how about Dating Rich Men for those who know exactly what they want?

You’ll find that forums are a great way to connect with like minded individuals.  At Escort Raves Forum there is a complete questions and answers section that explains how to use the forum and how to get the most out of it.

So, if you have an interest in escorts, or if you are an escort, visit Escort Raves Forum.

Last Minute Sexy Christmas Lingerie

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Holiday Apron from

Holiday Apron from

If you ship your purchase express mail, there’s still time to order that sexy Christmas lingerie for this weekend’s swing club Christmas party, or, for a sexy Christmas night with your spouse! Look to these fashion sites that offer express mail for holiday delivery! has a LARGE VARIETY of sexy Christmas lingerie that you’re sure to love. Jolie’s favorite – “Frosty The Snow Vixen.”

Lingerie Diva

Christmas lingerie at Lingerie Diva is fun and sexy! Jolie loves the “Polar Express Babydoll and Thong.”

You say you’re too big to wear sexy lingerie? WRONG! Size is no excuse, ladies. Ditch the frumpy clothes for one of these holiday finds at Lots of lingerie stores offer plus sizes, and is one of them. Jolie’s favorite – “Purple Santa Baby Doll.”

Frederick’s of Hollywood

You can’t go wrong with sexy Christmas lingerie from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Jolie’s favorite – “Candy Cane Two Piece.”