Ask Dan and Jennifer: I Fantasize About Being A Prostitute!

3 Responses to “Ask Dan and Jennifer: I Fantasize About Being A Prostitute!”

  1. OnceYoung56 Says:

    First off, do Jenn & Dan swing together? If they do, we wish we were in our 30s again. We’re both 50+ now, so we doubt D&J would party with us, and we wouldn’t presume to ask. Back in the day, as they say, when swinging in the hinderlands was a bit different than today, you met by accident, through a magazine (which took a long time) or traveled to an urban center with a swinger’s club (rare in those days). My wife & I of 34 years were the “meet by accident”, later to become, “Magazine subscribers, AND Meet by Accident “on purpose” swingers, which can be dangerous. We have done 3 & 4 somes with both men and women, but came to prefer 3-somes with men, when we couldn’t locate a couple. I’ve always dug seeing her get it on with other guys, especially when they were big & thick. Her too. We always did it bareback & where fortunate to stay STD free all these years. So in our way she was my whore & I her pimp, and we love each other, and we loved that thing we had, have. Both of us full naked, balling in sight of each other, always plugging into each other before leaving the site. And that was the hottest SEX of all. She always wanted to be a dancer on Bourbon St (5 ft 100lbs) & I, a pimp- gigalow. In our prime, we had that, she danced on coffee tables and in bed rooms. We would do it again, but we would be a lot more pushy then we where back in those days. Jenn & Dan, wish we could balll with you. S&R (old folks)

  2. swingantho Says:


    So you’re both 50? So what? I’m 46 and I’m in as good a shape as some of those 20 somethings out there. I don’t use age as an excuse to party. Plus, the younger people at the swing club gravitate to me – thinking I’m younger than I am. It’s all in how well you take care of yourself and your attitude.

    My husband and I have been swinging for about 10 years, and we love it. We use protection and we are not worried abut STD’s. (I’m more worried about heart disease and cancer. )

    Happy Swinging and thanks for visiting the site!

    Jolie du Pre

  3. OnceYoung56 Says:

    Thanks Jolie. You are right.

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