Sexipedia: An Interview with its Founder – Chris Anderson

SEXIPEDIA  is the world’s largest encyclopedia of sex.  It’s an exciting project, and Jolie was fortunate enough to get an interview with its founder Chris Anderson. 

(One of the most exciting facts Jolie learned about Chris is that he is an autodidact, or a self-taught person, who only reaches for success.  Jolie can relate to that.)


1. Sexipedia is “The Encyclopedia of Sex.”  What inspired you to create the encyclopedia?

What inspired me has been three things: sharing one’s knowledge, sex (in the broader meaning of the term), and mass collaboration.

I am an autodidact, a knowledge lover who enjoys listening, reading, watching and finally learning from anyone’s knowledge and experiences they had through life. That is purely fascinating to me.

Several months ago, I was thinking: Where would I get all the detailed information and trusted knowledge I need to know about sex? I tracked down and studied websites and realized that none of the websites were  actually satisfying enough nor offered what I wanted. I wondered why there was not a website that could share anyone’s knowledge about sex.  I quickly came up with my favorite answer: If it doesn’t exist, I’ll create it.

I have in me this entrepreneurial and hard worker spirit that challenges me to create and build new things every day, all day long. I looked for the best tool to share one’s knowledge about a specific topic with the world, and realized that the more appropriate solution was to use a wiki; the one that runs Wikipedia.

And here we are today with Sexipedia, the encyclopedia of sex that anyone can edit.

2. What is your background and why do you have an interest in sexuality?

Although I studied and worked for a few years in the entertainment industry in France, I would say that my strengths and background are in the online technology industry. I am a Managing Editor for an important multi-national group, and we report daily on high-tech and Internet usage.  This kind of environment is an overflowing pool of ideas for me.

My interest in sexuality is biological. It’s in me. I can’t quite define it today. It’s simply a strong attraction and a natural interest.

3. What can people expect with Sexipedia?  When will the website be operational? Will Sexipedia be in print form also, or online only?

People should expect an encyclopedia of sex, and take into consideration that the high quality content that is offered is done so in an open environment where anyone can read, edit and post articles. Also, Sexipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia powered by volunteers and dedicated individuals. So people should also expect from Sexipedia what they are willing to invest in it.

Sexipedia is at a very early stage of creation. Every day after work (sometimes during work), myself and others dedicate as many hours as we can to improve Sexipedia. Today, Sexipedia is in private beta and members are able to read, edit, and post as many articles as they wish. The public version requires the website to reach a certain maturity in order to welcome everyone.

I haven’t developed an idea of a print form for Sexipedia yet.

4. What are your other interests and what are your plans for the future?

My interests right now are all focused on Sexipedia. I devote 100% of my free time working and improving the site. Let’s see what the future brings us. I tend to only reach for success.

3 Responses to “Sexipedia: An Interview with its Founder – Chris Anderson”

  1. Hi Chris,
    I think what you are creating is great. About time someone did something like this. Good luck with the venture. I am sure you will be on a winner with this. I myself am a published historical romance writer, of the spicey variety but not erotica, and information such as you are proposing would be great.
    Best wishes
    Margaret Tanner

  2. …People should expect an encyclopedia of sex, and take into consideration that the high quality content that is offered is done so in an open environment where anyone can read, edit and post articles….

    I’m interested in your concept of Sexipedia. Aren’t you afraid that this might delute the quality? I can see where folks editing the site can get more raw than biological. I’m a fiction writer and have never written an erotic or “soft porn” book but am interested in most concepts.

  3. @ Margaret Tanner: Thank you for your interest and precious support.

    @ Minnie E Miller: Thank you for your interest in Sexipedia. That’s a very interesting topic, to either give any user the ability to view and edit articles or to only let registered and validated do so. For now, the current beta version helps a lot at defining beta users’ behaviors. I can only say that it’s fascinating. And as long as people who are visiting/using the site are willing to give a hand at maintaining the overall site’s quality, I believe that everything is going to alright.

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