Swing Authors!

After a long process, I am very pleased to announce the authors who have stories accepted for Swing!  In addition, the introduction will be written by Ashley Lister.

Look for Swing! to be published in the spring of 2009.

1. Michael Hemmingson – “Movements”


Michael Hemmingson’s first feature film, The Watermelon, will be released in 2009 by LightSong Films. His recent books include How to Have an Affair and Other Instructions (Borgo Press), Zona Norte -Ethnography of Sex Workers in Tijuana and San Diego (Cambridge Scholars), and House of Dreams (Blue Moon).

2. Ashley Lister – “20 Minutes”


Ashley Lister is the UK author of SWINGERS: True Confessions from Today’s Swinging Scene and SWINGERS: Female Confidential. Aside from writing erotic fiction under a variety of pseudonyms, Ashley has also written many non-fiction articles on a broad range of topics. A regular columnist, reviewer and contributor at The Erotic Readers & Writers Association, examples of Ashley’s work can be found at: Erotic Readers & Writers Association. Ashley’s non-fiction has appeared in a wide range of magazines that include (amongst many others) Forum, The International Journal of Erotica and Chapter & Verse. Ashley’s full-length fiction has been published by Nexus, Chimera and Silver Moon with shorter fiction appearing in anthologies edited by Maxim Jakubowski, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Mitzi Szereto.

3. Claudia Moss – “One Weekend in Toronto”

Claudia Moss lives and writes in Atlanta, GA. The author of DOLLY: The Memoirs of a High School Graduate, her fiction has been published in Longing, Lust, and Love: Black Lesbian Stories, The Hoot and Holler of the Owl, Catalyst, Labrys, Black Romance, Jive, Venus, and Black Issues Book Review magazines.

4. M. Christian – “Bob and Carol and Ted (But Not Alice)”


M.Christian is an acknowledged master of erotica with more than 300 stories in such anthologies as Best American Erotica, Best Gay Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Bisexual Erotica, Best Fetish Erotica, and many, many other anthologies, magazines, and Web sites. He is the editor of 20 anthologies including the Best S/M Erotica series, The Burning Pen, Guilty Pleasures, and others. He is the author of the collections Dirty Words, Speaking Parts, The Bachelor Machine, and Filthy; and the novels Running Dry, The Very Bloody Marys, Me2, Brushes, and Painted Doll.

5. Emerald – “What We Do”

Emerald has stories published in Best Women’s Erotica 2006, edited by Violet Blue; Erotika: Bedtime Stories, published by Sensorotika Press; Tasting Her, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel; and G is for Games and K is for Kinky of the Erotic Alphabet Series edited by Alison Tyler.

6. Beth Wylde – “Caught in the Act”


Author Beth Wylde writes in a variety of pairings and genres from contemporary to paranormal and from lesbian erotica to menage as well as straight m/f and everything else in between. She currently lives in the ‘Wylde’s’ of Virginia and when she isn’t writing she can normally still be found in front of a computer either updating, chatting or working on promo. She’s been writing for as long as she can remember but only recently aspired to be published. Her first release was in April of 2006, so she’s fairly new to the business, but her reviews have been top notch.

7. Keeb Knight – “The Gerswins”


Keeb Knight was born in London. He grew up in the cities of Detroit and Philadelphia. Currently living in Philly, he enjoys writing erotica, multicultural short stories, urban fiction and romantic suspense. His story “Mandatory Overtime” was featured in Zane’s Eroticanoir Anthology, Caramel Flava. He’s currently working on his debut urban erotica novel.

8. Jolene Hui – “Quick Fix”


Jolene Hui is a writer (and sometimes actress) based in Los Angeles. She writes erotic fiction. She also writes a column for Flesh Farm and Inside Hockey, too. She has also written for a variety of newspapers and magazines including Medium Magazine and Girls and Corpses Magazine.

9. Donna George Storey – “John Updike Made Me Do It”


Donna George Storey has taught English in Japan and Japanese at Stanford and U.C. Berkeley. She holds a Ph.D. in Japanese literature from Stanford and has published over eighty literary and erotic stories and essays in Prairie Schooner, Gettysburg Review, Fourth Genre, Tampa Review, Wine Spectator, Best American Erotica 2006, and the past five annual volumes of Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica and Best Women’s Erotica. Her work has been featured in magazines in the UK, translated into Italian and received special mention in Pushcart Prize Stories 2004. She has also read for KQED’s “Writer’s Block.” Her first novel, Amorous Woman, about an American woman’s love affair with Japan was released in the U.S. in 2008. She is also the author of Child of Darkness: Yôko and Other Stories by Furui Yoshikichi, a translation with critical commentaries (Ann Arbor: Center for Japanese Studies, 1997).

10. Sage Vivant – “Costume Party”


Sage Vivant is the author of YOUR EROTIC PERSONALITY and the original founder of Custom Erotica Source. Her short stories have been widely published and many of them can be heard on Playboy Radio’s “Sexy Stories.” She and partner M. Christian have co-edited several erotica anthologies, including CONFESSIONS, AMAZONS, GARDEN OF THE PERVERSE, and THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: BISEXUAL EROTICA.

11. Karmen Red – “Plato’s Retreat”

Karmen Red is a free lance journalist and former full time editor, with articles and essays published in diverse categories. Karmen’s current focus is on erotica and erotic romance, with interests in antiques, mythology, fantasy, costume/fetishes, B&D, and bisexuality. She’s presently working on a time travel romance novel. Inspiration for many stories grows from her love of world travel, and from an eclectic collection of erotic art and antiques. She explores life and collects with her husband, her ultimate hero.

12. TreSart L. Sioux – “Unpacking an Adventure”


TreSart is an author of six lesbian erotic books with more on the way. She also enjoys all mediums in art and photography.

13. Neve Black – “The Party”


Neve Black has been writing since she can remember and opted for a degree in English Literature. She mostly enjoys writing about subjects that scratch the under-belly of society; thus her love of erotica. Neve’s stories have appeared in the on-line magazine Oysters and Chocolate and the Oysters and Chocolate print anthology scheduled to come out in May, 2009. Neve currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio with now three adopted pussy cats.

14. Alicia Night Orchid – “Dez Moinez”


Alicia Night Orchid’s erotic stories have appeared online at Cleansheets, Ruthie’s Club, Sliptongue, Oysters and Chocolate, and the Erotica Readers and Writers’ Association. Her story, Savage Nights took first prize in Desdmona’s 2007 60’s Contest. If you really like Alicia’s work, check out her new e-book, “Tight Women in Hard Places.”  Alicia’s first novel, an erotic legal thriller is expected out later this year. She’s currently at work on a second novel.

15. D. L. King – “Careful What You Wish For”


D. L. King is the publisher and editor of the review site, Erotica Revealed. She has just edited her first short story anthology, Where the Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica, for Cleis Press. She has published two novels, The Melinoe Project and The Art of Melinoe, as ebooks. Some of her latest short stories can be found in anthologies such as Best Lesbian Erotica 08, Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission, Yes, Ma’am: Erotic Stories of Male Submission, Frenzy: 60 Stories of Sudden Sex, Best Women’s Erotica 09 and Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 08.

16. Jeremy Edwards – “Check and Mate”


Jeremy Edwards is a pseudonymous sort of fellow whose efforts at spinning libido into literature have been widely published online (at Clean Sheets and other sites), as well as in numerous anthologies offered by Cleis Press, Phaze Books, and Xcite Books. His work was selected for the most recent volume in the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica series, and again for the forthcoming volume. Meanwhile, out on the newsstand, Jeremy’s stories have been seen in Scarlet and in Forum (UK).

17. Randall Lang – “Our First Encounter”


Randall Lang grew up in the tough coal fields of southwestern Pennsylvania where nothing came easily. It was a world of limited opportunity and few roles to follow. Dreams were quickly vanquished in the shadows of necessity and creativity was usually buried beneath an avalanche of cynicism. However, epiphanies come in all shapes, sizes, and in a wide range of locations. The dark, wet, often cold environment of the underground work place can have the unexpected effect of freeing the mind to drift away from such a hostile world into one of burning desire, passionate kisses, soft touches, and the intense magnetism that draws men and women together. Randall Lang is the author of seven books of erotica published by Renaissance E-books and contributed to the first edition of “Midnight Raunch” as published by Midnight Showcase. His first full length mainstream erotic romance novel, “Magnificent Man” is being edited and should release before the end of 2008.

18. Jacqueline Applebee – “Bravery Has Its Rewards”


Jacqueline Applebee is a black bisexual British woman, who breaks down barriers with smut. Jacqueline’s stories have appeared in Cleansheets, Iridescence: Sensuous Shades of Lesbian Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2008, and Best Lesbian Erotica 2008. She also has a Paranormal Novella, that includes sex with ghosts!

19. Rick R. Reed – “Initiation”


Rick R. Reed has been described as “the Stephen King of gay horror” (Unzipped magazine, October 2006) and his dark, suspenseful fiction has been called, “a harrowing ride through cutting-edge psychological horror” (Douglas Clegg, author of The Attraction) and having a “knack for presenting the gruesome lower depths of a soul” (New City).  His most recent novels include Dead End Street, Orientation, High Risk, Deadly Vision, In the Blood,  and IM.  His short fiction has appeared in more than twenty anthologies. He is a member of the Authors Guild, the Horror Writers Association, and the International Order of Horror Professionals.  He lives in Seattle, WA with his partner.

20. Tawanna Sullivan – “Just Deserts”


Tawanna Sullivan is the webmaster for Kuma, a website which encourages black lesbians to write and share erotica. Her work has appeared in Longing, Lust, and Love: Black Lesbian Stories, Iridescence: Sensuous Shades Of Lesbian Erotica, Purple Panties, Best Lesbian Erotica 2009 and Spirited: Affirming The Soul And Black Gay/Lesbian Identity. She lives in New Jersey with her civil union partner, Martina.

21. Amanda Earl – “Ghost Swinger”


Amanda Earl’s sexually explicit fiction appears in anthologies by Cleis Press, Alyson Books, Thunder’s Mouth Press, & Carroll and Graf.  On line you can find her recent smut at Unlikely 2.0,  Lucrezia Magazine , and Lies With Occasional Truth at LWOT .

22. M. Millswan – “The Best of Friends”

M. Millswan is a writer and native of Houston, Texas, with a BA in Radio/Television Communications from the University of Houston. He is also a best selling author at Fictionwise.com. Fluent in Spanish, he has traveled, worked, and lived in many Latin American countries. Avid blues guitarist. Member of the Erotic Author’s Association.

23. Lara Zielinsky – “Premises”


Lara Zielinsky is a relative newcomer to published fiction, erotica or otherwise. In 2007, her first novel was published by P.D. Publishing, Inc, a small GLBT publisher. The novel, “Turning Point”, received the 2007 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award. She is also a finalist for the Debut Author award from the Golden Crown Literary Society. Happily bisexual, she lives in Orlando with her husband and son. Aside from writing short stories, her second novel is due out in 2009, and a third is planned for 2010. She spends her days as a freelance editor.

24. Rowan Elizabeth – “The Swing Set”


Brand new to the lifestyle, Rowan Elizabeth shares her first experience. Rowan’s work can be found in The Best of Best American Erotica 2008, Hustler, and at Ruthie’s Club.

25. Jolie du Pre – “Before the Move”


Jolie du Pré is a full-time ghost writer and article writer, an author of erotica and erotic romance and the editor of Swing! Her stories have appeared on numerous Web sites, in e-book, and in print, most recently in Purple Panties, edited by Zane, the Italian publication Best Erotica 2007, and in the forthcoming Coming Together: At Last and Sapphistocated, both published by Phaze. Jolie is the editor of Iridescence: Sensuous Shades of Lesbian Erotica, published by Alyson Books and she is the founder of GLBT Promo, a promotional group for GLBT erotica and erotic romance.

2 Responses to “Swing Authors!”

  1. Oooh! This is gonna be good! I can’t wait =D

  2. I love being on top! Hmm…yes, it’s where I always belong.

    Check out a 2006 movie called MENTOR, with Rutger Hauer. It’s about swinging and writers. Hauer plays a famous writer/professor who has a young female grad student lover, except he is impotent, so finds a young male writer who is promising to be his replacement in bed and he can watch — his surrogate, his double, his proxy of cock. He even sends this young writer’s stories out to get published. The normal issues of insecurities and threesomes pop up.

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