An Interview with Urban Gypsy


You have a wonderful blog!  Give us your feelings about it.  Why did you create it?

Thanks, Jolie.  I am glad you’ve enjoyed it.  I started Urban Gypsy simply as a place to put some erotica I had written.  My friend, Joe, had the first blog I ever read. His old blog is sadly gone but he now blogs at No-Brow, and he encouraged me.  I found it soon evolved from a place to publish my erotica to a place where I could unburden myself and chronicle my life and my struggles.  Who ever knew so many people would read and relate to my stories?  It’s a double edged sword though; every writer loves to be validated but knowing so many people read you can make a writer self conscious.  It felt amazing when I would get comments on my fiction from readers who took the stories to be true and expressed their concern about my well being since my erotica is often way darker than anything I would care to actually live.  The other side is that it seems harder to write with the level of emotional honesty I prefer as more and more people read my words.  And I don’t care to journal my life any other way than with that depth of emotion and candor. It means I write less then I used to and I want to change that.



Name a favorite erotica book and why.

I have to stick with The Story of O.  I read it at a fairly young age and it scared me and aroused me all at once.  I didn’t understand why I should be so moved by O and her travails at the chateau.  I didn’t think such things were even possible in reality.  All I knew was that when I wanted to masturbate, I would pull out my old dog-earred copy and get to it.  Discovering that the world of BDSM and D/s does really exist has been eye opening.  My fantasies are shared by so many others and they are able to be lived out safely, sanely and of course, consensually.



You’re invited to a cocktail party.  What does the Urban Gypsy wear?

That’s an easy one! A dress and killer stilettos. I love dresses, especially wrap dresses, and prefer them to anything else.  I see myself in something black, low cut and with just enough cling so that it skims over my ample curves.  As an unrepentant girlie girl, I’d have some cute lingerie and thigh highs beneath.  And it would be just the excuse I need to go out and buy those sky high L.A.M.B shoes I have been coveting.



What has been your most important accomplishment to date?

The thing I am proudest of is my daughter, though this may change between the ages of thirteen to sixteen.   She is smart, beautiful and sassy.  I love her with all my heart and only hope I survive these three years (I am banking on what other moms have been telling me, that they get their sweet kids back around sixteen) without us killing each other.



What are your plans for the future?

At the moment, as you know, I am busily working on the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar project.  For those who haven’t heard (and what rock are you living under?) a group of twelve NYC sex bloggers are posing for a calendar to benefit Sex Work Awareness, an organization that seeks to educate and empower sex workers and change the public’s perception of who sex workers are and what being a sex worker means.  And wow, had it been all consuming.  I’m being driven crazy but in a way that I love.  I feel energized and excited and a little overwhelmed, but I look forward to what each new day brings in terms of support and new ideas.  Once this is over, I hope to do it again next year but on a much more sane time table.  Ultimately, I’d like to open a sex positive woman-centric sex toy shop that brings sex education, erotic art, community and kink to my suburban area.







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